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When it comes to building a performance engine the most important decision is selecting the rotating assembly that suits your application & exceeds your potential horsepower goals.

In high performance/high rpm applications the connecting rods take majority of the abuse yet are often over looked as people tend to find temporary success with the "budget build" however the key to building a long lasting reliable engine lies in selecting the correct conrod for your application.

What Is A Conrod?

The term Conrod is short for Connecting Rod. They have one simple but extremely important job which is connect the Crankshaft to the Pistons.

They are responsible for pulling the piston down and pushing it back up with the stroke of the crankshaft hence the reason they take majority of the abuse. 
The right conrod design comes down to the individual application as rods can be found in multiple designs such as H Beam, I Beam & A Beam.
They are also made out of different materials such as Forged Steel, Aluminium & Billet Steel to suit the relevant applications also which makes selecting the perfect rod for your build paramount.


What you need to consider when choosing your conrods


When looking into conrod design, It is very important that you choose wisely. The last thing that you want is to purchase a conrod which won't support future upgrades once the horsepower bug bites down the track.

This can all be avoided by taking the time to speak to our LSX specialist team to help you choose the perfect package.

When looking at conrods, You need to consider the following -

  • What are your plans for the build?
  • Will the motor be naturally aspirated, turbo or supercharged?
  • Will the motor be used for street, drag racing, drifting or circuit track racing?
  • What target horsepower goal are you chasing?
  • What Max RPM will you be turning the motor to?

These are all things that you need to consider when looking to upgrade. LSX Performance Parts will work with you to put together a package that will take into account your goals & future plans for your build.

Utilising this as a guide, It will give you clarity around exactly what you are looking to achieve & the plan we put together to help you achieve that goal.

The last thing you want to do is purchase the wrong rods & have them be your limiting factor when it comes time for tuning or turning it up later on.


LSX Performance Parts have put together a list of only the most reputable, Tried, Tested & Proven conrod suppliers on the market. If it is not available at LSX, There is a reason (Think of LSX like John West - We only want the best).


Now that we know all about your current car, Plans for the future of your build, Your vehicle use & your driving style, You can now choose your perfect package with confidence. Let LSX ensure you achieve your goals.

Its now time to start making some serious power!


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