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Stroker Kits


Looking at building a stroker?

Look no further! We will put together a stroker package that will exceed your expectations! We have packages to suit ALL LS stroker builds to suit naturally aspirated drag, street or strip cars as well as big cubed, big boosted builds.

Our builds range from -

  • 370ci packages
  • 383ci packages
  • 402ci packages
  • 408ci packages
  • 416ci packages
  • 427ci packages
  • 434ci packages
  • 444ci packages
  • 454ci packages

Not only do we offer an entire range of stroker packages to suit your build, We ensure that you receive expert advice along the journey & save valuable time by utilising our industry knowledge.

We have short listed a range of the highest quality, Best performing & most proven, powerful stroker kits on the market!


What Is A Stroker Kit?


A Stroker Kit is a high performance aftermarket rotating assembly which is designed to increase your standard engines displacement. 

This is achieved by increasing the length of the stroke of the piston to allow it to travel further up & down the cylinder powered by your high performance crankshaft. This effect makes the piston move down further whilst maintaining its maximum height as the factory engine. 


What Is The Benefit Of A Stroker Engine?


Building an LS stroker engine is the ultimate way to maximise horsepower capabilities, But more importantly maximising torque.

There is no denying that forced induction has become an increasingly popular choice when deciding on ways to add more to your engine, However as the old saying goes - There is no replacement for displacement!

Forced induction, Heads & cam packages, nitrous kits - All of these alone lack one very important factor when wanting to make serious power, Torque! Without torque, The others simply can't compete.

The benefit of building a stroker engine is that you will be replacing the factory rotating assembly with a high performance stroker package to suit your desired stroker build. Your high performance stroker engine will include the highest quality, forged steel rotating assembly manufactured by the worlds leading suppliers.

If you are building your stroker engine to be a high compression, Naturally aspirated beast OR a big cubed, boosted engine, You can be certain that your build can handle the power & is ready when you are!


Need Some Assistance With Choosing The Right Stroker Kit?


Sure! Give us a call on (03)8595 4343 OR simply click Get In Touch & schedule a time that best suits you. We will have one of our sales consultants contact you at your convenience.

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