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Rocker Arms & Rocker Kits

The valvetrain in the LS engine range is what's known as a net-lash design. This means that the OEM valvetrain is non-adjustable, and each rocker arm is secured to the head by a bolt that when tightened properly, sets the lash/lifter preload to factory spec. This was done to cut down on engine assembly time and costs.

Unlike the old school small-blocks, the LS series uses a 1.7 ratio diecast, ductile iron rocker arm body with a needle bearing equipped, powdered metal trunnion to reduce friction and wear.

Why Should You Upgrade Rocker Arms?

LS Rocker Arms feature a failure prone needle bearing which after some wear in both stock or high performance applications can suffer from lateral movement (moving side to side while the rocker is operating) which can cause the bearing case to split sending nasty little roller bearings through the engine.

There are two ways to eliminate this.

Option 1. Rocker Trunion Bearing Upgrade.

By replacing these nasty little bearings with a solid bush style bearing you are eliminating both the failure prone bearings & eliminating lateral movement as the bush style bearing is a much more solid unit. These kits are a simple press fit design that fits the OEM Rocker Arm.

Option 2. Upgraded Rocker Arms.

This is where you not only eliminate the above issue but also achieve maximum performance.
Aftermarket rocker arms feature a lighter weight design (usually aluminium or steel) have options for higher lift ratio & have a more solid rocker arm housing. There are significant gains when increasing lift while reducing valvetrain weight & resistance.

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