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Fuel Injectors *SALE ON NOW*

What is a Fuel Injector?

Fuel Injectors are designed to spray the optimum amount a fuel required per cylinder per cycle. 

Fuel Injection is a more accurate and precise form of fuelling than the traditional carburetor style found in older vehicles.
By switching to fuel injection manufacturers were able to not only make more horsepower but also significantly increase driveability, reliability and fuel consumption.

A key factor to making horsepower is optimizing fuel flow to suit the application.

In high performance applications a high quality fuel injector is paramount. 
Our range of high performance fuel injectors are designed specifically for all applications & fuel types.

What Fuel Injector Is Best For My Car?

Choosing the right fuel injector is one of the most important decisions when upgrading your car.
This decision is based off many key factors such as:

Fuel Type:
The fuel type you will be using in your engine will drastically change the injector size due to the amount of fuel required.
For example, E85 tends to use approx. 30% more fuel than 98 due to it's Ethanol base.

Naturally Aspirated/Turbo/Supercharged/Nitrous:
Different engine combinations require different amounts of fuel flow and delivery.
Forced Induction applications tend to run a larger injector & can max out a certain injector size at different horsepower levels than Naturally Aspirated engines.

Target Horsepower:
This is an important factor to work out as this will prevent you purchasing an injector which is too small which could "Max Out" OR too large which will over fuel and become a tuners nightmare to get the car to run right at low rpm.

We can help you with the above by using a very specific calculation to ensure the selection is perfect for you.

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