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DPE Manta Pro Series Systems


DPE History

Di Filippo Performance Exhaust was named after the founder Darren Di Filippo who has enjoyed a successful career as one of the greatest ANDRA Top Fuel drag racers to come from Australia.

Following in the foot steps of his father Charlie, The Di Filippo family name are veterans amongst some of the biggest names in the sport with a number of records & awards earned by the Di Filippo family.

In 1994, Darren got behind the wheel of his family's Top Fuel Dragster for the first time as a competitor. In early 1995, Darren made the first big step in his rise to being one of the sport’s leading stars amongst the likes of Jim Read, Graeme Cowin, Glen Mikes and Rachelle Splatt to name a few, Darren made the final round in his first ever Australian Top Fuel Series appearance.

He has never looked back since!

DPE Performance Exhaust

Di Filippo Performance Exhaust (DPE) have been at the forefront of exhaust manufacturing excellence since 1999. The DPE brand quickly established itself as the premium brand of performance exhaust systems with its proven horsepower gains & distinctive deep note which became the only choice for those wanting the very best.

It is with this very competitive drive to be the best, Combined with professionalism & real industry experience that the DPE Performance Exhaust was founded to produce the premium range of exhaust systems to suit most road & race cars.

DPE Performance Exhaust operates out of Melton VIC which is dubbed "The Home Of Horsepower". It is here that the premium exhaust range is made IN HOUSE by some of the industries best & highly skilled staff.

DPE Performance Exhaust Sell The Brand To MPI Automotive

In March 2019, DPE Performance Exhaust was officially purchased & taken over by MPI Automotive.

After over 19 years at the top of their game, Darren & the team decided it was time for a lifestyle change. You may or may not know this, But the skill set required to deliver the highest quality, premium exhaust system on the market is quite taxing on the body & can take its toll on you.

Darren decided to let the name & legacy continue on through one of the most professional leaders in exhaust & performance systems in Australia - MPI Automotive, More commonly known as Manta Performance Exhaust.

MPI Automotive have been at the game for over 45 years delivering customer service excellence through an extensive network of customer support, Ensuring high levels of stock on the shelf & supporting over 500 exhaust shops, performance & 4x4 workshops nationally.

MPI Automotive is committed to ensuring that the DPE Performance Exhaust remains as the premium choice for those wanting the very best.

New Brand, Same DNA

While former DPE Performance Exhaust products now come branded as Manta Performance OR DPE Manta Pro, They are being made to the same precise specs and with the same quality materials as those made by Darren & the DPE team before it was acquired by Manta.

The next thing you should know is that the newly branded DPE Manta Pro Series systems are still produced in the very same factory - Dubbed the Home Of Horsepower in Melton Victoria that DPE Performance Exhaust operated from.

They are made to the same exacting standards by experts who are focused on the highest levels of quality. The single-minded commitment to excellence that DPE had been known for lives on under Manta ownership.

Improved Quality Assurance to Benefit You

Undoubtably, The DPE Performance Exhaust products were considered the greatest.

In the spirit of continuing on the quality, Manta are always looking at ways to improve to enhance the great quality & service you'd expect.

DPE Manta Pro Series products are finished to even higher standards and will fit your vehicle even better than before, So much so that Manta now cover the DPE Manta Pro Series systems by their longstanding 100% fitment guarantee!

DPE Manta Pro Series Warranty

In addition to the 100% fitment guarantee, Manta have DOUBLED the former warranty on DPE systems.

DPE Manta Pro Series now include a Full 10 year warranty on ALL stainless steel headers & systems!

This gives you absolute peace of mind knowing that your new exhaust system has a 100% fitment guarantee & 10 year waranty.

DPE Materials & Quality Assurance

DPE Performance Exhaust source premium 409 grade stainless steel as the choice of material for the entire DPE Performance Exhaust range.

This ensures the highest level of quality, sound & longevity of the exhaust system that you will be bolting up to your car.

All design, manufacturing & testing is done right here in Australia. Every inch of the entire DPE Exhausts range is tried & tested to produce the distinct quality that we have come to expect.


DPE headers are only available in a 4 into 1 long tube header. This has been something that decades of experience has shown to produce better results that other types of header style.

Proving the design is far more superior to other header styles & brands, The DPE headers have proven on many occasions to produce better results in terms of horsepower, torque & true responsiveness. This only becomes more & more important when doing further upgrades to your car.

You have the choice of 1 3/4" OR 1 7/8" headers.

The 1 3/4" headers are perfect for those running up to the 600 - 650 HP mark, Mild engine upgrades & wanting a great flowing system.

The 1 7/8" headers are more suited to supercharged builds & big cubed stroker engines that require more flow & will produce beyond the 600 - 650 HP rating that the 1 3/4" headers have.

It is crucial that you choose the right set-up the first time round. A bit of planning can go a long way in saving you from having to double up on upgrading the same parts twice!


All DPE cats are 200 cell stainless steel. You have the option of 2.5" OR 3". Choosing the right cats to suit is simple - If you are going with a 3" cat back, You need 3" cats.

If you are going with a 2.5" cat back, You need 2.5" cats!

DPE do offer race pipes - Basically straight pipes that sit in place of cats. These are NOT LEGAL & are only suited to off road & race applications.

Middle Muffler

The DPE middle muffler sections are hand made. This process allows optimum flow & ensures there are no restrictions throughout the system.

The middle muffler features an 'X' pipe merge after the cats which is primarily designed to retain a great, unrestrictive flow & also provides you with the deep, signature DPE exhaust note that is unlike anything else on the market.

Traditional mufflers will run a 'H' pipe set-up, Which is why DPE sounds like no other.

This is available in a 2.5" OR 3" option - Note, VT - VZ are only available in 3" due to lack of demand of 2.5" systems.

Rear Mufflers

DPE rear mufflers are designed to suit each specific car that the system is being supplied for. Different cars require slight variance in placement of the piping, So it is important to make it clear upon placing your order all of your car details (Year, Make, Model etc) to ensure the correct system is ordered for you.

The rear mufflers are a polished stainless steel finish, Matte black 2" quad tail pipes.

Exhaust Tips 

DPE offer optional exhaust tips for those who want to complete the look with some polished stainless tips.

These are available in a 3" OR 3.5" oval polished finish.

Some vehicles such as the later model E-Series HSV & Gen-F range will not need the optional tips as these vehicles have factory tips moulded within the rear bar shroud, So the tail pipes that come off the back of the mufflers will sit within & behind the rear bar shroud, Giving the car an OEM look.

Vehicles such as VT - VF will benefit from polished stainless exhaust tips to really finish off the look. 

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