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New Release Camshafts @ VCM Performance!

New Release Camshafts @ VCM Performance!

9th Jun 2021

In case you haven't heard VCM has been an Aussie favorite in terms of camshafts & LS based performance products since day one! 
Their ever expanding range just got a whole lot bigger with the exciting release of their two newest camshaft profiles which are designed specifically for big horsepower applications.

The VCM 122 is the latest addition to the Naturally Aspirated range.

This cam features a very broad RPM Range with an advertised 3500-7200+ rpm band.
The Idle quality is a brutal 9.5 out of 10 so expect that lumpy cam lope that we all love.
This profile will work great in both Cathedral & Rectangle port cylinder head applications with some further gains in both horsepower & torque found by adding CNC ported heads to the combination. 
Paired with the right stall converter in an auto or diff gears in a manual this cam is potential their best all rounder when chasing a great street combo that performs at the race track also!

The newest addition to the Forced Induction range is the VCM 825.

This is great option for both turbo & supercharged applications. 
It features a a very wide torque range from 3,000-7,200+rpm, which is ideal for both stock bottom end & also built engines with medium to large turbos.
The cam has 5 degrees of overlap so it is more suited to larger 2650 blowers to deliver a more responsive mid range than other cam profiles however will still work really well with smaller blowers such as the LSA 1900 or Magnuson/Harrop 2300 variants provided you factor in a little bit of boost bleed off when selecting pulley combos.

This cam will give you a nice tough idle without a big sacrifice in drivability which is a huge plus! 

Check out the range below to see some specs.

Part Number| Duration @ .050"| Valve Lift @ 1.7 Ratio| Suit Cathedral Port| Suit Rectangle Port| Idle 1-10| RPM Range
VCM122231/242.610"/.605"YY9.5/103500 - 7200 
VCM825228/242.608"/.605"NY7/103000 - 7200+

The VCM range of camshafts is currently on sale @ LSX Performance Parts with Camshafts from $450 as part of our End Of Financial Year Sale so don't get left at the lights!

Click Here to check out the range.